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"Melik" Type Nile Gunboat / Kitchener's Gunboat

This 28mm scale model captures the look of TSS Melik, Sheikh and Sultan, but is not a scale model, or an exact reproduction. A model made to scale would be approximately 80cm long in 1/56th scale. What we've tried to do is make the model short enough to be practical for wargaming, while trying to retain the overall look of the actual gunboats.

This models overall measurements are: Length 50cm Beam 10cm and Height 18cm.

If you would like to know more about these gunboat, go to the Melik Preservation Societies site here:

The main body of the model assembled, just a little detail, and then its ready for priming and painting. The next stage is to make the two main guns and maxims and the search light.
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