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Custom Made Models

We offer a custom handmade design and making service so if you can't quite find what you are looking for drop us a line and we'll see if we can help you out. To see examples of our past work have a look in the Picture Gallery. We will consider any practical project within reason and the constraints outlined below.

If you would like us to consider a custom project email us with the details (see ORDERING & CONTACT) and we will consider it and if we think its practical we will quote you a price and timescale for completion.

We will need as much detail as possible, starting with a description, scale, make of figures and specifically whether they are considered to be small, medium or large for their particular scale as this will effect the look of the model. It will be very helpful to know the overall height of your figures, including the figure base. In addition we will need to know the approximate size of the model (please see below for more about size), layout and if possible any pictures or a sketch plan of the project and specific features you require.

The practical size of the project will depend on your location and how the model will be sent to you. In most cases this will be via a postal/courier service. We can deliver within a reasonable distance with the South East of England or if we are attending a trade show (go to TRADE SHOWS).

Projects for non UK customers will have strict constraints on the practical size of a model as parcels above a certain size become expensive. It can also become difficult to ensure the safe and secure delivery of large items.

Unless by prior agreement all Design Rights for custom made projects remain with Andrew Birch trading as The Colonial Steamboat Company. In addition third party design rights may exist for component parts used in the project.

RECENT CUSTOM PROJECTS (click on Picture to go to gallery)

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