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News and Updates
29th March 2018 Been an up and down start to 2018,
24th July 2017

Up loaded a new model for sale, this a variation on the Hilltop Fort design, CLICK HERE.

Updated the Whats on the Workbench page.

20th July 2017

Building up the business: the start of 2017 saw CSC redesigning and rebuilding our studio so as to maximimise the availble space and get the best utilitie out the available workbench area. The focus is now on expanding design base, and moving the focus away from just Middle Eastern buildings. Cash flow remain the main limiting factor, but we hope to start offering resin building for sale on a limited basis.

On a personal note, as some of you are aware, our chief designer and maker, Andrew, as struggled with poor mental health over the years, but we are please to say that overall things have been good. This not to say he is better or cured, because there isn't a magic pill or cure, just better understanding and management. So on the whole things are looking better.

In addition to our stock designs and customer work, Andrew has some interesting ideas, not nessessary to sell, but just for the fun off it. One such project that he as made a start on is a concept design for a Steampuck / Gaslight SF Airship. We'll shortly be adding a page just for this in the next week or two.

20th March 2016

Hi, just a quick update on how things stand here at CSC, and where we plan to take the business over the new year. At present the focus remains upon the handmade and custom made buildings. I am shifting to selling away from eBay, and most of the selling for ready made models will now be via this website. We plan to list two/three large models a month, with a varying number of smaller models on here too, subject to work load and custom orders. In the longer term, we do plan to reintroduce the resin models, but at presend we need to build up some capital before we can do this.

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