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About the Colonial Steamboat Company (CSC)
CSC started back in 2002, when our principle model designer and maker was at University, he started to make the occasional model to sell at Bring & Buys stands at wargames shows, and this led onto requestes to make custom models. CSC was set up as functoning business in 2005, intially making resin building and handmade models, both standard and custom designs. However due to recuring health problems, the business as often had to go onto the back boiler, but things are better and brighter, and CSC as began to build up it product base again. The main focus is now the core handmade and custom made models, with a small manufacturing base that supplements the core business.



The Colonial Steamboat Company maintains a strict Data Protection policy. We will never pass on customer details to third parties. Records are maintained solely to comply with UK Tax regulations. All information not required for this purpose is destroyed securely. We do our utmost to ensure that all data about our customers is stored securely.





01634 845569 (before 21:00 UK Time)


177 Magpie Hall Road, Chatham, Kent. ME4 5NA

United Kingdom

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