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Middle Eastern/Adobe/Arab/Indian Buildings

These are handmade building, made to standard design, and are priced individually. The number in the prefix code indicated the scale, so HMAB28-01, is a 28mm scale building. Shipping is combined for multiple purchases, email us for a quotation, giving your location. You are buying the model in the photo. We do make to order, and can alter the design to suit your needs or make something unqiue to you. These models have a basic finish, we can add details, such as window surrounds, door and gateway.

Postage & Packaging: single model: £5.00, add an additional model £2.00, but we will quote a final price for a combined purchase. ROW please email for quote.

20240121 HMAB28-01 £20.00 + P&P

Model measures 21cm x 20cm x 6cm


20240121 HMAB28-02 £18.00 + P&P

Model measures 18cm x 17cm x 7cm

20240121 HMAB28-03 £18.00 + P&P

Model measures 19cm x 16cm x 6cm

20240121 HMAB28-04 £18.00 + P&P

Model measures 22cm x 12cm x 6cm

20240121 HMAB28-05 £16.00 + P&P

Model measures 25cm x 15cm x 6cm

20240121 HMAB28-06 £16.00 + P&P

Model measures 19cm x 16cm x 6cm

20240121 HMAB28-07 £22.00 + P&P

Two Model Set - Models measures 12cm x 15cm x 10cm & 15cm x 11cm x 10cm


20240121 HMAB28-09 £18.00 + P&P

Model measures 16cm x 13cm x 11cm

20240121 HMAB28-11 £24.00 + P&P

Model measures 18cm x 18cm x 11.5cm


If the model is marked "FOR SALE" and "AVAILABLLE", the model is still available to be bought.

Send us an email, and you location, and we will confirm availability and give you a quotation for postage if you are a non-UK resident.

If you accept that price, then we will send a PayPal request.

We use a signed and tracked service for all models.

*Price - we occasionally offer complete models for sale, and these may be subject to a special offer price that differs from the standard listed price. The special offer price is for that specific model, and lasts for the duration of the sale of that specific model. It does not apply to new orders.

Figures, guns, cannons are for scale purposes and are NOT included in the sale.

If the model you are interested in as been sold, we can make another one for to order.
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