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Handmade Custom Models
We offer a custom service for models and terrain made to you specification, and we will consider most projects. Before contacting us, please consider the guidance below. This will save time, and result in prompt response.

We will require the following information:

  • All Measurements need to be in metric, using centimeters. We really don't need to be converting back and forth every time we communicate, between fractions of inches and cm/mm. So please use the metric system.
  • The scale of model and ideally, the figure manufacture you prefer (there can be significant variation on actual figure size within specific scale band).
  • Period, and whether you want something that can be used for several periods, or a very specific look.
  • Approximate size of the maximum base area you require. It can be in sections if required. As a general rule, the maximum base size is 38cm x 38cm. Keep in mind, that a model of that size will probably cost about £25 for UK postage and for example of the USA, about £70.00. These are just example figures.
  • Drawing / Sketches are always useful, and do not have to be perfect, as long as they give an idea of the design. Squared grid paper is good, one 5mm square can either equal 1 or 2 cm depending on the size of the project.
  • As much detail, including reference pictures etc. If you have have them.
  • Level of detail on the model, keep in mind, more detail mean more work and time and a greater price. Also, it has to be packed and shipped too.
  • Keep in mind the size of your project; clearly, the larger it is, the greater the shipping cost. A large project may need to built in sections.

If we agree to the project, we may require a deposit of 50%. This will be the case if you are a new customer or the project is unlikely to find a buyer or require significant expenditure in materials. The balance is due on completion and before shipping.

POSTAGE and PACKAGING - at the time of the quotation we will give you a quotation for postage. This will be a estimate with the final charge being confirmed at the time of completion, but will only change if their is a significant difference between the quoted price and actual price. We always use a tracking service for both UK and international orders.


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