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The Indian Marketplace - 28mm

This is a project from 2013 is a large Indian Marketplace made for an Indian Mutiny Period game. The final design that I came up with was based on a design supplied by the customer, which itself was loosely inspired by a model created by Ian Weekly and featured in an early edition of Wargames Illustrated. The model consisted of two parts: a walled courtyard, with large gateway and a covered area with a open arched arcade area facing into the courtyard. It is approximately 34cm wide by 60cm in length.

Following the first set are pictures of another Indian Market Place for another customer, to a slightly different design but broadly similar style


Indian Marketplace 28mm Version 'B'

This version was based on a more square design with arch arcade around the market square and well added (it was separate piece and could be moved). The pictures fairly poor as we lost the originals. Plan of the design is also included. The design was in two parts, but the overall measurements were 44cm x 45cm.

Indian Market Place
US Cavalry Fort
Bastion Trace Fort
ME Arab Town
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